Private Health Insurance in Spain

You want to take out Private Health Insurance in Spain?
Our experts will find the most suitable insurance for you, wether worldwide cover or as a complementray cover to your national health insurance in Spain or the UK.

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Questions and answers

Up to what age can I still be included in a health insurance policy?

Up to 75 years.

Are pre-existing conditions also insured?

Yes, pre-existing conditions can be insured. Each case is individual, we recommend to enclose a current medical report with the application.

How do I join a private health insurance scheme?

A standardised application form must be completed. Questions about your current state of health are also asked. Then the insurance company decides under which conditions you will be accepted. You then decide whether or not to accept the insurance.

Do I have a waiting period when I change my health insurance?

If you come from a private health insurance, you have no waiting periods.

Is private health insurance cheaper in Spain than in Germany?

As a rule, yes. Private health insurance costs from 55 euros per month. Would you like worldwide protection with free choice of doctor and hospital? Such insurance costs from 105 euros per month.

Insurance options

  • Wide range of associated doctors, specialists and clinics without language barriers
  • Worldwide cover with reimbursement
  • Worldwide travel-insurance inclusive
  • Low premiums and premium stability
  • Hospitalization in single-bedroom with companian
  • 24h emergency hotline
  • Coverage for:
    • in-patient, out-patient, GP/family doctor, specialists, emergency room
    • Medication and medical aids
    • Homeopathy
    • Fisiotherapy
    • Check-ups
    • Special conditions with associated dentists

Our service

  • As Insurance Broker we are looking for the best deal for you according to your budget and your needs.
  • quotation and policy documents in your language